Poor comparison

This makes no sense.

The latest iPad delivers new enhancements at an even faster pace than last year’s iPad 2. While it took Apple four years to bring its Retina Display to iPhone 4, iPad is getting similar treatment in just three.

After the Verge’s “18.7% hotter” headline yesterday, it seems necessary that we all learn that a sensible-sounding English sentence does not always make for a sensible comparison.

It doesn’t make sense to me to compare how many years it took for a technology to become available on the iPad versus the iPhone. Could you say that innovation is happening faster on the iPad because it had 3G out of the gate whereas it took a year to become available on the iPhone?

Google flushes heat from data center with toilet water

Google flushes heat from data center with toilet water:

On Thursday, Google revealed that it’s now working with the Douglasville-Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority to cool the facility with 100 percent recycled water. “When the residents of the county take showers and flush their toilets, they’re helping to cool our data center,” Joe Kava, the man who runs Google’s data center operations and construction team, tells Wired.

(Via Ars Technica)

This is way too similar to Google TiSP.

Android still lags behind

I had occasion to visit a Verizon store this weekend and took some time to play around with the various Android and Windows Phone devices. I was struck by how completely awful the user experience was on almost all of the tablets they had on display. The navigation was jerky and the home screens cluttered. Why would you bother displaying a product that felt annoying to use? It’s possible that some of the problems were caused by poor maintenance of the demo units, but all but given the responsiveness of even the newest Android phones, I have to think the problem is with Android. There’s just this nagging, split-second delay in the interface response that casts doubt into the mind of the user as to whether they correctly execute the command they were going for.

Now the Windows phones on the other hand, I see potential there. The more I read and experience, the more impressed I am with WP7 and Windows 8. Microsoft seems to have taken the time to get the basics right before moving on to added features. The interface is slick and they’re doing some really interesting things with social media integration and those live tiles. I find myself rapidly losing interest in Android as a platform. It’s beginning to draw connections in my mind to those soulless, off-brand, dumbphones that carriers try to sell to people who don’t know what they want (to play off the thought from Gruber about why Android tablets aren’t doing as well as Android phones).

I had hoped that WebOS would stand out as the first true iOS competitor on both the phone and tablet fronts, but is looks like that may be Microsoft and surprisingly, I’m ok with that.

Next AppleTV will include Siri

I’ve wanted to write this for a long time:

Sources familiar with the matter…

have confirmed that the upcoming AppleTV will include Siri.

My sources have been able to confirm that Siri will be a part of the next AppleTV release. It will likely be announced alongside the new iPad this Wednesday. With a lesser degree of certainty, I do not believe the iPad will include Siri at this time, but possibly in the next major iOS release.

::UPDATE:: Oh well.