Media distributers suck at distributing media

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re: “Give us convenient content at a reasonable price, and we’ll buy it.

I still think a large part of the perceived piracy problem would be solved if media distributers could, I don’t know, distribute media better than pirates.

Game of Thrones costs $39 for the season, but isn’t available yet. How many people do you think would have purchased it legally instead of resorting to piracy if it had been available as soon as the season ended?

Even better, what if each episode were available for download immediately after it aired for the first time? Worried about cutting into your subscription revenue? I can subscribe to HBO for $10/mo (and then $24 after the first year, but usually it’s not hard to get cable companies to give you a new “introductory deal” every year. So basically, you need three single-season purchases to make up for one person not subscribing to your entire network for a year. I don’t think that would be too hard to come by if purchasing a season were as easy as clicking a button in iTunes.

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