27,000 Google Chromebooks headed to U.S. schools

27,000 Google Chromebooks headed to U.S. schools | Deep Tech – CNET News

(Via ★DaringFireball)

I think this is an excellent application of Chrome OS and I’ve been wondering for a while why Google doesn’t make a desktop machine that could be used in school computer labs. Then they announced one at CES. Imagine how simple it would be for both students to use and support staff to maintain.

Your school ID is a Google Apps account, use that same account to log-in to any school computer and you will have easy access to your email, homework assignments, planner, school printers, and whatever else you have connected to your Google Apps account. When your at home or in your dorm? Just launch Chrome and you have exactly the same setup. You can even set up multiple users in Chrome to separate your school account from your personal one.

Granted there are some computing needs that Chrome cannot address for students. Those situations will still require a different lab setup, but Chrome OS could take care of a lot of the general labs on a campus (and think of how much mandatory Google Docs use could reduce lost homework).

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