Updated Facebook app

Facebook updated their iOS app to version 4.1 today with the following features:

– Access to Mobile Timeline on iPhone (if you already have a timeline). iPad support coming soon. Get your own timeline here: fb.me/tml
– Access to friend lists, subscribers and subscriptions
– Faster, better performance
– Photos are easier to view, upload and comment on


The best change I’ve noticed though is how the app handles the requests, messages, and notifications menus at the top of the screen. Tapping one of those icons used to slide in a new page from the right (same as if you tapped a link on the page you were viewing). Treating those menus as regular pages had this annoying consequence of creating nested page loops that you would have to travel back through if you wanted to use the back button. So you might end up going through friend’s prifile -> post -> notification menu -> post -> notification menue -> post -> etc… Now, those menus are drop-down popovers that disappear when you tap an item and don’t show up in your history. So now if you open your notifications, tap one, and hit back, you’ll be at the page you were on before opening the menu.

Big improvement.

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