The Verge – "You know, honestly, just buy an iPhone."

Chris Ziegler writes for The Verge –

it’s a very selfish piece of advice: you see . . . it’s simply my path of least resistance to ensuring my advice seeker an acceptable smartphone experience with minimal ongoing technical support from me.

He says that the Galaxy Nexus is the best smart phone he’s ever used, but with all the possible variables and technical problems and personal tastes that could cause problems in recommending a phone, the iPhone is a good default bet.

And I would agree. Everything you need is in a nice package. You need Windows or a Mac and you need iTunes. That’s it. The interface is intuitive, most social networks have a native iPhone app (available in an easy-to-access App Store), most websites work great in Mobile Safari, the most popular games and apps are available for iPhone, and you get Apple’s tech support and sometimes-lenient replacement policy.

Now I think that the iPhone has a lot more to recommend it than just being the lowest common denominator in terms of ease-of-use, but it definitely does have that going for it. Sure, Android might be better for you if you have specific needs or if your tastes push you that way, but if you don’t know what the command line is and you have to ask your tech-savvy nephew to set up your email client for you, then maybe you should go with the iPhone.

2 thoughts on “The Verge – "You know, honestly, just buy an iPhone."

    1. I’m fine with people not using iOS. If I wasn’t neck-deep in Apple, I’d seriously consider it. Unfortunately, for me to really get to know the platform, I think I would have to spend a few months with Android on my primary phone and spend some money on apps.

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